My name is Lotta Fredholm and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 1999 I have been working as a freelance science writer, and named my company Lotta Words in  2000. Most of my work is done in swedish, but every now and then I do write or make interviews in english.


Here you can find the interview I made after the press conference when the 2017 years Nobelprize in Physiology or Medicine was announced, where Professor Anna Wedell tell us about circadian rhythm and its importance, since the Prize this year awards the molecular mechanisms that regulate how our cells keep track of the night and day-cycle.

The Nobel interview for 2016 you find here: The importance of autophagy.

In 2015 the Nobelprize-interview were about Novel therapies for diseases caused by roundworm parasites, and for malaria.

How the brain keeps track of our position (2014 years interview) and the 2013 years interview on vesicular transport, can also be seen here.

Please find some text examples below:

Medical Science is a magazine from the Karolinska Institute. Please see pages 7, 18 and 34-37: Medical Science 2013

Information for the public on the Nobelprizes:

The Nobelprize in Physiology or Medicine 2008

The Nobelprize in Physiology or Medicine 2007

Texts on educational games that are presented on the official Nobel website:

DNA – the Double Helix

Pavlovs dog

How the genetic code was cracked

newsarticle in Science on EU’s new policy on chemical testing, from 2001.